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What is the function of ski glasses?


What is the function of ski glasses?

There are many functions of ski glasses, which can prevent UV burn and cold wind damage. Generally, ski glasses will choose some special materials, so in the process of skiing, they can also bring protective effect to avoid deformation.

1. Skiing is a very challenging sport, but because the skiing venue is too bright, it is easy to cause eye irritation, and there may be snow blindness. When skiing, ski glasses can play a protective role, such as effectively reducing UV burn, can filter UV damage, but also can have a wide visual effect.

2. The outdoor temperature itself is relatively low, and the cold wind is particularly strong, after wearing ski glasses, it can reduce the damage caused by the cold wind on the eyes, with the effect of protection.

3. Ski glasses will choose a high quality material, can achieve the effect of anti-fog and air circulation, so in the process of skiing, even if the outside temperature is low, can also ensure the clear mirror, can effectively avoid fog, affect the visual effect.

4. Ski glasses are well recognized by everyone, and will deliberately choose a polycarbonate material, which itself is a very advantageous material, with excellent toughness, even under strong external force can reduce deformation. You may fall down if you are not skilled in skiing, but this special material can protect your face.