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Can ski take myopia glasses? Why wear ski goggles when skiing?


Can ski take myopia glasses? Why wear ski goggles when skiing?

Can ski take myopia glasses?

You can wear goggles when skiing. You can wear them directly in your ski goggles. Generally, the ski goggles are larger, and there is no problem wearing glasses inside.

Outdoor ski resort snow is too high, can make people feel dazzled when skiing, leading to danger. Ski glasses have the function of UV protection, the internal space is very large, put myopia glasses in the inside is enough.

Of course, you can ski with contact lenses, but be careful to keep your eyes moist to avoid visual fatigue.

Why wear goggles when skiing?

Not only should you wear goggles when skiing, but you should also choose goggles like those used by professional skiers for maximum eye protection. This is due to the serious reflection of sunlight in the snow, and skiing in the cold wind to stimulate the eyes, the need for ski goggles to protect the skier's eyes.

The above is about skiing can wear glasses, and how to wear glasses goggles introduction, everyone skiing, must pay attention to personal safety, put safety first, if it is the first time to ski, must communicate with the instructor.