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How do we use the ice hockey sun visor?


The eye is the most sensitive photoreceptor of the human body. Therefore, in order to protect the eye, it is best to wear a professional hockey sun visor when skiing/skating. It can not only prevent ultraviolet rays from burning eyes, but also prevent cold wind from irritating eyes.

How to maintain Traditional Molded Ice Hockey Visor to prolong its service life?

The maintenance of the ice hockey cage is very low, just take it out of the bag to prevent rust and corrosion. Fixing screws and buckles corroded every few months should be checked. The screws are also easy to loosen or fall off with the passage of time. It is recommended to check the screws from time to time to ensure that they are tight.

The ice hockey sun visor needs to be cleaned frequently. There are many ice hockey sun visors that need to be cleaned, wiped and polished. Polishing agents do a better job of keeping clear and clean goggles, and it is strongly recommended that players and referees have multiple levels of referees.

It is also recommended that the ice hockey sun visor and the combination user wrap the helmet in the helmet pocket to prevent the ice hockey sun visor from scratching the random items when moving. Pillow case or tie T-shirt can do the job well.

Why do we use Traditional Molded Ice Hockey Visor?

Due to the carelessness of players and the unpredictability of ice hockey, it is strongly recommended that all players use cages and complete ice hockey sun visors for face protection. It is important to note that US hockey insurance claims cannot be made for players who are injured without ice hockey cages. However, if you feel confident and aware of wearing a face mask, or you are a referee, it is strongly recommended that you wear a hockey sunshade anyway. In very painful operations and operations that are difficult to recover, teeth can be replaced, and the lower jaw can also be replaced. However, if the puck hits your eye, it may disappear forever.

What are the material characteristics of Traditional Molded Ice Hockey Visor?

Material: PC

Function: 0 anti gripper in anti kill

Size: 0ne Size fits most hockey helmets

Optically excellent distortion free 1 ENS/high impact polycarbonate.

Transparent or colored side grooves that best fit the helmet/100% polycarbonate.