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GY Sports company New Product Release in May and Inductions for Zhuhai RHINOS


In May of 2024, GY Sports company will have a new American football visor called V314 on the market. Every time my boss Gordon Ji announces each product, I am very curious as to why the model number is 314 football visor. As usual, I didn't hold back my curiosity and asked the boss again about the meaning behind the product number. The boss told us with a very confident and somewhat narcissistic demeanor that 314 football visor stands for One Lifetime. One Lifetime, the first thing that comes to mind for us ordinary people is love, and each one of us, as human beings, would like to have a great love in our life, a never-ending affection, and a friendship that comes when we are ready to come to the rescue. But for our boss Gordon Ji, he regarded his career as his lifelong goal, the product will always be his favorite treasure, always follow his soul. So for the cause of the product, he is always full of enthusiasm, there is always a force guiding him forward, this force also allows us to feel, and also encourages us to continue to move forward, because only to move forward there is hope.

The FV314 football visor is coming to market, now I will introduce the following selling points of this product:

1.Spherical optical design

2.Increased space for better breathing

2.A wider view

3.Fashionable and beautiful appearance 

4.Can match 70% of the most popular football helmets on the market, such as Riddell:SPEED FLEX,Vicis:ELEVATE,etc.

5.The thickness of the visor reaches 3.2mm, which can withstand strong impact and better safety protection.

In order to be a hit in the market this time, we are very attentive to the preliminary design and development stage, and after repeated trial wear that is to seek advice from many parties and valuable feedback. 

2024 March 22, GY Sports company has invited Mr. Xia Haobo of Zhuhai RHINOS Americal Football Team to listen carefully to the valuable advice he put forward as well as a variety of possible conditions encountered in the game, we have avoided all of them and overcome them. Thank you very much Mr. Xia for your guidance.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the Zhuhai RHINOS Football Team, let me tell you that on November 1, 2020, Zhou Shifan, the former head coach of the Warriors, organized the bachelor's degree of Zhuhai College of Jilin University and some members of the public to establish the Zhuhai RHINOS American Football Team.

RHINOS is the largest number of people in Zhuhai, the most systematic nothing American Football Team, has now joined the Southern Bowl, CNFL domestic league.

"Give the dream a deadline, it is the goal, the goal is broken down into each step is the plan, action to support the plan, that is the dream into reality".

This is a saying that has been circulating in the Rhinos Team, and now every RHINOS player is pragmatic and purely quiet to play without impatience.

Time has come to 2023, the new season ushered in a new look for the team, the new Giant Rhinoceros logo and uniforms show a different Zhuhai blue.

Over the past three years, the RHINOS have become the largest and strongest team in the history of Zhuhai, and at the same time, they are also striving for the highest ranking of Zhuhai teams in the national league.

Promote the American Football culture, as far as the team's ability to give back to the community is the RHINOS has been doing things, we believe that with their strength, China's American Football will be the rapid development of the game, but also very honored to be in the middle of the lofty company has also contributed our modest contribution.

At last,we hope that with the charm of American Football  as a sport, we can go out more, but also let our products can be more familiar with the public, and last but not least, we also hope that our FV314 can be a big seller, looking forward to it ......

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