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Oakley-The ultimate in eyewear field,GY Optical's light on the way


Oakley Brand History

OAKLEY is renowned in the sports world for its creativity in fashion and for the design wonders it constantly produces. This world-class brand has a quarter-century of history, and it refuses to be mediocre.

Before Jim became the owner of Oakley, he was a motocross mechanic and a motocross grip manufacturer and salesman. During his time as a mechanic, the people he most often came into contact with were motocross riders, and in the process of communicating with the riders, he realized that the equipment and accessories at that time could hardly meet the demands of difficult technical maneuvers, and that grips often slipped, and that the windshield goggles he wore could not truly protect his eyes, and instead, they were prone to fogging up, and were damaged by debris, which affected his vision, and even injured his eyes. 1975 was the year that he started his own business. In 1975, he started his own business. With the simple idea of making something that looked better and worked better than the rest, Jim started the Oakley brand with just $300. In his garage, Jim made a motorcycle handlebar that fit better in his hand and had a unique shape. "Everything in the world can and should be made better," Jim told Skeptic, "The only question is 'who does it when'." Professionals took notice of the new design, which was made of a material that did add friction when sweating. This belief sustained this man with genius industrial design skills to success to greatness.

The Revolution of Sports Sunglasses - Eye Shade

After the success of the first Goggle, you can't imagine that Jim's obsession with sports sunglasses was like a flash flood! Because the first taste of success is so exciting and memorable! At this point, Jim had already fully grasped the psychological demands of athletes wearing eyewear while playing sports or competing; therefore, he boldly and carefully designed a sports sunglasses that maintained a purely sporty look but broke through the traditional styling, coupled with Protonit lenses and a special curved frame, the Eye Shade, which, with such a combination of advantages, was favored by Greg Lemond, a three-time winner of the Tour de France, who was also the winner of the Tour de France. Greg Lemond, the three-time Tour de France champion, favored the Eye Shade, and it was released in Taiwan in 1984, at which time Jim finally made a name for himself and became famous all over the world!