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GY Optical Company Sheraton Hotel Dinner


On Friday, 2023/11/10, we gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in Zhuhai on a beautiful weekend evening.

GY Optical formed this reunion Reunion activities because of its outstanding performance. In the past month GY Optical's American customers placed orders for more than 10,000 pieces of ice hockey visors in a single month with unprecedented strength, which made our sprint in the last quarter of 2023 more relaxed and calm, and also laid the foundation for welcoming a better 2024.

GY Optical, a professional manufacturer of optical products, our main products are American football visors, ice hockey visors, sports glasses, tactical glasses,mx goggles, ski goggles, and motorcycle helmet lenses, GY Optical has always been committed to high-quality, fine, beautiful, fashionable and personalized design concepts, very competitive prices and delivery speed, perfect service quality, to provide customized services to meet customer needs for optical products. After years of operation and development, the company has formed a complete set of industrial supply chain: product R & D - molding - product injection molding - post optical processing, such as: optical coating, anti-scratch, anti-fog, gradient color and so on, all the technologies are walking in the forefront of the industry.