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Introduction to American Football Equipment: Helmet, Shoulder Pad and Elbow Pad


American football is a very intense game, and blocking, interception and collision are all indispensable parts of the game, which can also be said to be a major feature of American football. In order to protect the safety of players and avoid delaying the game due to injuries, NFL and NCAA both require all players to "wear appropriate and legal protective equipment" before playing.

Before 1900, when playing American football, most of the players simply put a piece of cloth on their shoulders or in front of their thighs as a cushion according to their personal needs. With the evolution of the competition rules, the protective equipment used in different ages is also different.

Basically, each player must wear a complete set of protective equipment, including:

1. Helmet

It is composed of shell, face mask, chin strap and other parts to reduce the possibility of injury to the face, especially the nose and mouth

2. Shoulder pad

Avoid shoulder dislocations due to impact, and protect the chest and ribs. Members must select appropriate shoulder pads according to their roles and positions.

3. Elbow guard
Especially on the artificial turf field, because the ground is relatively hard, players must be equipped with elbow guards to avoid elbow contusion.